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Flying Saucer Camera Captures VR Footage

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Since VR is still in it’s early stages, shooting VR footage tends to be costly and not easy to do. HumanEyes Technologies is trying to change that with their Vuze camera. The camera is less than $1,000 and is easy to use.

It’s shaped like a flying saucer and it utilizes eight cameras that are located around the outside of the “saucer”. The camera includes tools to help produce and edit the footage.

The camera is controlled by an app that is available for iPhone and Android users. Combined, the footage from the eight cameras helps to create 4K 30 fps (frames per second) VR footage and allows users to be able to switch between 3D and 2D 360 degree videos and images, whenever they want.

HumanEyes Technologies is set to launch the Vuze camera in August 2016.


Watch the video below




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