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The Future of Virtual Reality Gaming

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It’s a brand new innovation and the upcoming era for Virtual Reality Games is more exciting, more entertaining and it’s realer than 3D Video games, as its technology is developing day by day.

The main problem with VRG, which every new technology or gadget has, is its cost. You should have a bundle of money in your wallet before thinking to buy it because it costs too much in setting up an immersive structure, like a CAVE where a user is able to interact with objects in a closed space. Commonly, it’s not being used by the households but only universities are using it for their research and development programs.

As described earlier, many of us can’t afford it and can’t have a real 3D immersive experience of it but if we want to buy it at a low cost, we could have a relatively low quality/less immersive piece of Virtual Reality Glasses. For the sake of just a touch of experience, this would be a great choice but the result of quality will not be the same as expected from the CAVE virtual reality. You will suffer a lot in terms of virtual graphics because these expectations, Head Mount Display (HMD) and high-end graphics, will be seen in high-end systems only.

Over time, like most other technologies, the prices will fall because of the competitive brands and products, size and accessibility and also due to cheap resources being used for its manufacturing. Economically, there will be many products in the market, so many more people will have hands on it.

Nanotech VR

Nanotechnology is already in use in many computing, communications, and other electronics applications to provide faster, smaller, and more portable systems that can manage and store larger and larger amounts of information. Now, this technology exists in VR so that’s why we termed it as Nanotech VR. Nanotech VR allows us to see outside the current world, it provides us an opportunity to explore and think widely. The human brain will be fed into the Artificial Intelligent systems which will keep our thinking alive but not the body when we die.

One question that comes into the mind is that how much this concept belongs to science fiction or to the real facts?

Presently, the reality at this stage is the new advancements in the virtual reality which will lead our minds to that world of thinking which doesn’t exist yet. There will be a revolutionary change in thinking of mankind just by the advancements in gaming technology because it will change our frame of thinking and new experiences will be generated.


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