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The Future Workplace in Virtual Reality

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According to Vodafone, people that are young and looking for employment within the next 5 years will be working in a VR office.


Peter Terry-Brown, the Head of Product Management of Vodafone, gave a keynote speech at the UC Expo in London. He said that 14-16 year olds were working together within a virtual environment significantly better than an older group that was working in a traditional office when the company compared the two groups.


In the study, there were 3 elements that were brought about that could define our workplace in the years to come.

Firstly, the study showed that boys and girls were able to unite to understand the tasks and completed the tasks quicker than the older group that was in a traditional office and it showed that the virtual environment was enabling benefits that weren’t expected.

Terry-Brown said, “The best performer was someone with crippling social anxiety that couldn’t leave their house.”


Secondly, the younger group was able to keep trying until they succeeded and he noted that this is the type of collaboration that the industry has been attempting to teach to workers for a while.

Thirdly, the young group had another advantage, which was gaming. Terry-Brown said, “Kids are learning the skills they need for the future of work as a hobby. They play games against each other.”

Terry-Brown did caution that if companies do not consider how young people work together, that they will be in danger of “creating a sub-optimal environment for workers in the future.” 

He also noted that there were three requirements for future workplaces. 

Number one – virtual reality will be an “absolutely critical” part of the workforce, but it needs to be less obtrusive and it needs to be more intuitive.


Number two – every team of workers in the future will have an AI bot that will help companies analyze the large amounts of data that’s being created each year.

Number three – 3D printing will help portray the real world to virtual teams in order to form a tighter connection between people with environments that they might not want to actually visit in person. Terry-Brown said, “It’s all about making the connection.”

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