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Futurist Cautions VR Cameras Need to be Upgraded

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Ted Schilowitz predicted that the systems that are being utilized now to capture live action VR footage “will not be successful in the long term”.


Consumers could possibly be ready to start accepting virtual reality in the market, however, VR camera systems for live action virtual reality don’t seem to be very futuristic, this was said recently by Ted Schilowitz at a technology lunch at the National Association of Broadcasters Show that was held in Las Vegas.

Schilowitz is the “in house futurist” for 20th Century Fox and he’s an adviser for Barco, a digital film tech creator.


The majority of virtual reality footage is filmed with a single camera that sits on a tripod and doesn’t move. Even though the camera is able to capture 360-degree views, it doesn’t enable the person watching to move around the location, seeing the location from any position he or she wants to.

Schilowitz said, “It doesn’t allow you to move around in the picture.”


He said that there needs to be “volumetric capture” which will be able to record a scene in a way that several viewpoints will be obtained so that the person watching can move as he or she wants.

The technology needed to display the Lytro Cinema light field camera system is called “light field technology”. The system obtains the direction, color and placement of each ray of light, which is different from a traditional camera that only obtains color information and obtains depth information which enables the creators to develop 3D models of what the camera doesn’t see.


Schilowitz thinks that people who are typically with their cell phones are ready for virtual reality. He said, “And now I’m wearing [VR goggles] as much as eight hours a day,” he said, adding that he also has tested VR with many people and “the joy and glee that we see is different from TV; it’s very visceral. It’s a totally new way to look at entertainment. I have got enough feedback from other people to say I feel we are ready for VR. If you are not ready, get ready.”

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