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Gamers Experiencing Virtual Motion Sickness

vr motion sickness

Traditional videos may have strange controls and movements which are annoying to players, and for designers making the same mistake could make users sick. Several VR experts are confronting the issue head on.

Oculus, HTC and Sony have low-latency headsets which are anticipated to correct the nausea-inducing wrongs from their predecessors, but there are still reports emerging of users feeling woozy especially with Oculus Rift.

Evan Suma, an assistant professor who studies VR at the University of Southern California said that motion and simulator sickness varies wildly in different people. This presents unique design challenges for game makers to not completely encase the interactive entertainment appearing on flat screens in front of gamers. VR has advanced in the last four years, but there’s concern that players may find real issue with the way they feel when they play.

Hilmar Petursson, Chief Executive of CCP, said that there is a huge focus for development so as to provide comfort all the way through the experience. He also said that Valkyrie developers are grounding and sheltering players from effects appearing to whiz through space by having players sit in a virtual cockpit.

There is an attempt by other game designers to tackle the problem by not overwhelming players with head-spinning stimuli and reduce movement in virtual worlds.


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