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Gear Commerce Enables Businesses to Create Virtual Reality Websites

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A main eCommerce arrangements supplier, Gear Commerce, is satisfied to declare the official release of SOHO VR, its new virtual reality eCommerce arrangement. This hearty offering rapidly empowers organizations to make completely working stores for all driving Virtual Reality equipment.


Gear Commerce is a built up organization made up of the best and brightest from industry eCommerce engineering, advancement, and outline fields who made the overwhelming virtual reality and B2B eCommerce stages and administrations firms. The organization is situated in Laguna Beach, CA, with other office locations in Chicago, IL, and Cincinnati, OH.

The VR Experts

Aside from the way that VR is by all accounts one of those popular expressions that has existed following the 90s, the innovation has at long last gotten up to speed to the times. Gadgets like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are currently leading the way.

The substance is still a work in progress yet it’s a decent case of a business opportunity that new organizations could jump on right on time before it becomes the standard.


Peter Wokwics, a VR and eCommerce expert, said, “It is no longer a point of contention — all major brands and any company with an established eCommerce storefront will absolutely need a virtual realty presence by the end of 2016. It will be imperative that you have the right expert advisors and technologies leading you in this journey, and Gear Commerce fills this need.”

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Ezio Magarotto, VP of User Experience Design for Gear Commerce, said, “We see that virtual reality is exploding. In fact, we predict that vCommerce will grow to over $425 million in sales in 2016. The marketplace is demanding a way to bring eCommerce into this new virtual world. It is simply the new frontier of shoppers’ engagement with businesses and their products. That’s why Gear Commerce created SOHO VR, which offers one solution for branding your products in a VR space.”

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Currently, it can be hard to hold an “all hands” meeting, particularly when individuals telecommute, head out on business trips, or are not around that day. VR could make it less demanding to get everybody in the same meeting room (regardless of the fact that it is implied for ten) in the meantime. You could be on a business trip in Australia and still have VR goggles helpful to take advantage of the meeting.

Dynamic Web

SOHO VR makes a consistent and convincing vCommerce experience, and is worked to effortlessly permit any vendor to enter the vCommerce space, giving every one of the components and capacities you require out of the case for your VR store, for example:

  • Product Search
  • Enhanced item detail with 3D photos
  • Endless number of classifications and items
  • Full virtual reality and 3D experience all the way through
  • Full checkout process
  • Back-end framework reconciliation
  • Redone sound and voice-over
  • Capacity to work with numerous destinations and brands
  • Trusted security and open innovation gauges
  • Capacity to download from the Cloud or install
  • Capacity to be effectively altered to your image and clients’ image
  • And there’s more

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