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Get To Know About The Ethiopian Clean Water Scheme In Virtual Reality

Water project in VR aims to help the parts of the African continent and many other places, getting clean water can be a crisis. This is evident in a northern Ethiopian community gazetted in the new virtual experience. It contains a dramatization of a young lady who is balancing between getting herself educated and searching for clean water. This is able to show what it is like if communities can have access to clean water. And in the girls’ community, a well was dug and it brought forth some clean underground water. This is one of the many projects that are to be done in 24 other countries.

The movie’s director, Imraan Ismail, says that the girls and her family were willing to wear their cameras so as they can share their stories. Since there were no procedures to be followed, heat, dust and lack of water was the main challenge to tackle.

The movie director cited that the project was purely based within the virtual reality experience. When people see all the challenges that poor families go through so as to get clean water, they will be able to stretch out and help more.  water project in VR has made it possible for users to see how the girl’s life was before and after she got access to clean water.

If you want to check it out, it’s called “The Source” and is able to be viewed on the Vrse app.

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