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Get Your Laptop Ready for VR

Virtual Reality Laptop

There are exciting virtual reality headsets launching this year. Some of them are the HTC Vive, PlayStation Vr and Oculus Rift. Each of the headsets requires a dedicated console or computer to help render the VR content.

So that in turn means that people will either need to purchase a new desktop or upgrade their current desktop.

For people that prefer to use their laptop, they may not need to buy a computer for VR thanks to a new accessory called the Razer Core external graphics exclosure.

The Core costs about $499 and utilized a USB Type-C port to connect to the laptop and a Thunderbolt 3 protocol to transfer the data. It’s also compatible with many GPUs, they just can’t require more than 375 watts of power. Another great feature of the Core is that it has a gigabit Ethernet port and 4 USB 3.0 ports as well.

Watch the video below




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