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Google Cardboard: What Virtual Headsets Are Worth Going For?

google cardboard

The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive gadgets are wonderful which makes one buy randomly. People tend to spend more on the headset while sending less on a gaming personal computer. When someone has a smartphone, they can easily get access to virtual reality in a cheaper way.

In 2014, Google Cardboard made its first appearance at Google I/O while using cheaper materials for the headset and giving manufacturers a quick to use SDK, which enabled Android user experience VR for the first time without parting with a large amount of cash.

The official Google Cardboard application is a perfect choice for you if you have never used the VR before. It introduces a solid, non gaming value for virtual headsets. The application can be used to take multiple pictures when you are in important places since it has a feature known as street view and photosphere.

It offers extra video gaming programs which are more enjoyable. While having the ability to do digitized advertisement, The official star wars application trailer offers an exposure to a wider view of the world. This trailers also shows more of what a consumer should be expected from the real movies.

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