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Google Creates Its 1st Virtual Reality Movie

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Many large companies have been joining virtual reality, of course Facebook being one of them. Now Vice is joining virtual reality as well as they use 360-degree video.


Google premiered their virtual reality movie space by using 360-degree footage for their short video, called Help.

Help is a short monster video that revolves around putting the people watching in the middle of Los Angeles as the city is invaded by a monster. It’s an exciting short film and shows more of what can be done with virtual reality films to engage audiences.

Behind-the-scenes With Google’s New Live-action 360 Short Film Roadtovr

In addition to Help being their first VR short film, it’s also Google’s first live action video in Spotlight Stories, where it has immersive stories that people can watch on their phones. The 360-degree capabilities are only able to be accessed through Help on YouTube or the Spotlight Stories app on your cell phone.

There are more large tech companies that have thought about or started to take initiative in utilizing virtual reality with film, but Google’s premier here could be the biggest move yet in integrating virtual reality with outlets that are more mainstream.

This could potentially be a great decision by Google as by combining virtual reality with an outlet (film) that people are more used to, that could in turn make people more comfortable and eager to purchase virtual reality headsets.

Watch the video below



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