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Google Expeditions Comes to Pelham High School


Picture yourself sitting in a class at Pelham High School as you hold a small cardboard box that’s light, on your face. You then look through two holes which are small.

It’s like using an old View-Master.


Rather than viewing a 3D colorful image of the Canterbury Cathedral in England, you’re able to see things as though you were inside of the building and are able to look at each side of the massive building.

The 360 degrees view enables you to see everything.


That’s being done by hundreds of students at Pelham High School via Google’s Google Expeditions. It’s a program that’s showing the new virtual reality application and how it can be used for education.


The Technology Director of Pelham Schools, Holly Doe, has been following Google Expeditions launch for a decent amount of time now. So when she found out that they were coming to New England, she worked to get them to come to Pelham schools.

The program enables students to learn by immersing in different words.

Watch the video below



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