Google Developer Site Confirms 'Android VR'

Google to Introduce Android VR

Android VR

From the look of things, Google may release a VR headset that functions without a phone and is at the same time powered by Android. An Android VR placeholder has been seen on Play Developer Console, and then a tweet from Peter Rojas, an entrepreneur at Betaworks, states that the Android VR will be announced at Google I/O. He also stated that the gadget is designed as a standalone that wouldn’t require a phone, although it is going to be a lot less powerful than the Rift or Vive that are plugged into a PC.

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The previous claim ridicules a previous statement that Google will launch a wireless VR headset. Motion-tracking cameras powered by Movidus, a company Google worked with on Project Tango, may be used. Nevertheless, a report from the Financial Times indicate that the tech giant is going to release a device that needs a smartphone as well as support several other products, in contrast to Gear VR. Both model types may be released at the I/O conference, according to WSJ.



What We Know So Far About the Android VR

Rumors have it that the Android VR experience will be built into the Android, and so none of the headsets would need any third-party apps, unlike the Gear VR and Google Cardboard that only function with the Oculus platform. A lot of people think first of Gear VR in regards to smartphone VR seeing that Samsung cleverly took advantage of the tech to campaign for its recently launched smartphone. Over one million people now own a Gear VR courtesy its cheap price and giveaway promo with its flagship smartphone, S7.


Many people purchased the S7 smartphone in order to get their hands on the Gear VR; therefore, in the event that Google releases an ecosystem and a wearable that bolsters various other smartphones, Oculus and Samsung will most certainly be kicked off the “monopoly” throne. Android VR will most likely be grafted into the forthcoming Android N OS, which automatically means it is going to take some time before one can get their hands on these hypothetical VR headsets, or so it seems. However, assuming this report is valid, the VR headsets will fuel a lot of enthusiasm for the I/O conference, which will be covered extensively by Engadgets.

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