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Google is Developing Revolutionary VR Headset

Google is Developing Revolutionary VR Headset

It seems that Google wants to get real regarding the VR concept.

The first launch of a VR headset would be by the Alphabet.Inc who are in the process of developing an all in one VR reality headset. This headset would not be dependent upon owning a smartphone, computer or any game console.
For now, google plans to make a real VR headset which would be compatible with smartphones as it would use it as a screen. It would no more be the $20 cardboard piece but will be having a plastic body which will have computer chips and sensors fitted into it.

Google is Developing Revolutionary VR Headset 2

This would be a dream come true and as HTC Corp. and Sony Corp. also are planning to launch their headsets which will use a PC or game console. But the Sony Corp. is already selling its headset which is compatible with the company’s mobiles. It is sold for $100.

Google is now at the verge to introduce a great level of technology. Since 2014 they have shipped more than 5 million of their cardboard product which was made just as an experiment.

And now Google wants to move to another level and get all real about it. But google has not yet announced any date or revealed when it is to be releases. However, some sources say that it might be someday soon in the year of 2016.

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