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How Does Google Plan to Make Money with VR?

Google Vr cardboard


Google isn’t set to make a lot of money selling cardboard virtual reality headsets, however they’re still fervently pursuing VR.

google cardboard (1)

Currently, the majority of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. The question is, how does Google plan to really make money through VR considering their cheapest Cardboard VR Headset is just $15.

google cardboard iphone 55

It’s rumored that Google is looking into making money through in app purchases for VR games and allowing developers to sell add-on features within the apps.

google cardboard virtual reality vr headset 3d glasses

SuperData Research estimates that VR games are expected to bring in $5.1 billion in sales in 2016.

If Google is able to successfully implement in app purchases, then it could potentially stand to make a fortune.

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