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‘Let’s Tango!’ Google Says

Project Tango

It is reported that Google is preparing to reveal a stand-alone (wireless) VR headset and complimentarily may also herald a major expansion in Project Tango.

Google’s Project Tango is an innovation that makes use of cameras alongside sensors in mobile gadgets for depth perception and motion tracking. It gives a phone the ability to be acquainted to one’s surroundings but also carry out a detailed 3-D mapping of that environment. Tango can be useful for indoor area mapping as it provides blueprints of walls, ceiling, furniture, and floors, in addition to the exact location and orientation of the mobile gizmo with the mapped area.

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Project Tango

What You Can Expect from Project Tango

Furthermore, it is useful for augmented reality and virtual reality software, enabling the user view the world around them, in addition to other gamers, at the same time superimposing a virtual world over the actual reality, having real items. Google is preparing for a huge expansion of the Tango tech this year; it is looking to take the project mainstream, according to Bloomberg.



Lenovo plans to release Project Tango smart mobile phone with Google in summer this year. As a result, it is anticipated that more information about the smart phone in the I/O event  will be given. The phone is reported to use depth-discernment and motion tracking with the intention of superimposing a 3-D environment over real physical surrounding. Some developer sessions have been slated for project Tango by Google I/O, together with a talk called What’s New with Project Tango. The session’s purpose is to “explore the vision of project Tango and how it will come to life with the release of our first consumer phone.”

Lenovo Tango

According to Bloomberg, Google expects developers are going to develop more apps and services in 2016 for Tango, including museum applications that can superimpose 3-D animations over real exhibits or game figures that can duck behind real-life furniture or app that could escort customers through a grocery shop, pointing them to different item shelves and drawing attention to sales, etc.

There are anticipations that Google will be incorporating Project Tango support into the forthcoming wireless headset believed to be revealed at the I/O event. While HTC Vive and Oculus Rift make use of different sensors to map an area, Tango makes do with parts already found in a mobile phone. A lot of people have hypothesized that this project would serve as an important element in Google’s VR tactic.

It is going to be exciting to find out what Google has up its sleeves regarding Project Tango and other ventures, especially concerning its supporting any forthcoming gadget and/or other missions.

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