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Google in the Works to Provide the Masses with Cutting-Edge VR

Google has an elaborate plan to launch a virtual reality concept and technology into the world in a way that would be adaptable to one, some, or all the services that it currently provides.

Google Plans to Launch Mass-Friendly VR Program through Daydream Franchise

Right now, the dream that Google has is finally starting to come into reality with the concept of Google Daydream, the virtual reality program the global giant has now already released into the open. The plans Google has on Daydream would not come as much of a surprise to anyone who understands the modus operandi of this brand.

Google is looking to make virtual technology not just mobile but also high quality and equally affordable to those that would want a taste.

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Google Plans to Launch

In all of Google’s talk as regards the Daydream franchise, the brand has been making use of the word “presence” generously. Presence is that defining cutting-edge technology that aims to keep users within the realm of virtual reality and prevent them from stepping off. With the immersion into the virtual world being in totality and without effort at all, it would also lead the user to think that they were actually in the places that they were seeing, making it a very wholesome experience.

Google, instead of going into competition with the likes of HTC and Oculus in the game of virtual reality, which they had both defined to a certain extent, has decided to altogether start a new plan for itself, rewriting the rules that so govern the concept of VR, ensuring that they can excel in their own rights.

Google is undertaking a follow-up of their initial Cardboard development, which was largely successful and giving to this project a very wide virtual reality platform. They have also made this platform so accommodating that not only Google would be able to design for the platform but other third party virtual reality enthusiasts as well.

In the latter part of this year, it is believed that devices that are well capable to launch Daydream services will begin to hit the market, having its hardware and software fully optimized to meet the needs of virtual reality.

An Android N VR Mode would be the platform on which this virtual reality concept would be expressed and interpreted to the smartphone devices. This platform is expected to give sustained performances to chipsets, has head-tracking algorithms to monitor head movement of the user, is equipped with controller support, and has an ability to render into the VR mode incoming calls and messages.

Android N VR Mode Daydream Franchise

Already, Google has got people waiting by showing to the world what it would be like to access services such as YouTube in the Daydream franchise and has also showed with Unreal Engine 4 games how the controller support sets up. From these sneak peeks, it can be seem that Daydream franchise wishes to bring high-end VR experiences to users.

To make this a much bigger success, Google would be looking to combine the affordability and ease of use that cardboard promises with the great VR headsets such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

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