Google's Augmented Reality Technology Is Here to Change the Game

Here’s What You Need to Know About Google’s Augmented Reality Technology

Google's Augmented Reality

Have you ever gone shopping for furniture and all you want is to see how that new sofa will look in your house? This is possible with Google’s augmented reality technology (AR).

Introducing Google’s Augmented Reality Technology

The tech power house has announced updates to its AR and virtual reality (VR) technologies at its I/O developers’ conference the previous week. The update includes details of a new AR phone and VR support for Google’s yet-to-be-released Android operating system.

Google’s augmented reality tech is all about the introduction of digital enhancements to the already-existing reality. For instance, a navigation application that makes use of augmented reality can give its users access to the street in front of them through their smartphones or mobile devices while being guided to their destination by a virtual arrow floating on screen.

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Augmented Reality Technology

Tango, a project that is considered the foundation of Google’s augmented reality technology on mobile aims to give mobile phones powerful AR abilities through the working together of different factors like wide-angle camera lens, infrared projectors, and special motion sensors to get an accurate reading of the outside world. Those who got on board early enough using Tango include furniture stores such as US hardware store Lowe’s.

AR can be used by consumers to assist them in a lot of things. A good example is shopping for furniture. With AR, the user will just have to point their phones at the place where they want that new sofa or table and the tech makes it possible for them to test out that sofa or table on the empty space. They can see firsthand how it looks and fits in their home and even adjust the item’s position and color.



Google is also looking beyond AR as it develops its own mobile virtual reality system called Daydream. Contrary to how AR works, virtual reality brings about an entire virtual world for the user and this is usually made possible with the use of VR goggles or headsets. It is possible for the user’s movement in the real world to be simulated in the virtual world.

VR System Daydream

Google’s yet-to-be-launched version of its mobile operating system, Android N will come with it a VR support, which will be installed directly into the system. An updated YouTube app is also installed through which users can find videos to immerse themselves in.

Another new feature, VR Mode, can be found in Android N. It provides games and apps that make use of virtual reality technology. Things that come with Daydream include a hand-held controller and headset. These devices are due to be out soon, and Google has released a reference for design for manufacturers and also manufacturing its own version of the headset and controller. For a smooth VR experience on Daydream, phones will have to be equipped with the necessary sensors and displays.

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