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GoPro Releases Virtual Reality Camera Rig

gopro omni

GoPro recently announced a new virtual reality camera rig that’s smaller.

It’s called the Omni and it’s basically a cube that’s hollowed out and is able to hold the Hero4 Black camera on all sides which means that there are 6 cameras capturing footage all at the same time.

Go Pro Omni-970-80

When put together, the 6 cameras create one 360 degree quality video. The company hasn’t said what the price will be yet, but just for the cameras, that’s at least $2,500.

Currently, there’s already a third-party rig that holds 6 GoPros and costs around $500, which doesn’t include the GoPro cameras.

It’s safe to say that this is GoPro trying to create a VR camera rig for people that aren’t professionals, who want to film. GoPro already released its professional VR camera rig, the Odyssey, and that’s priced at $15,000. The Odyssey includes 16 Hero4 Black cameras as well as several accessories.


GoPro is planning on bringing the Omni to NAB, which is a large video production trade show happening later in April. Because of that, there’s a thought that Omni is most likely getting closer to being produced for the public to enjoy.

When the GoPro VR camera rig is released, it could help boost the market as there are currently less than $1,000 cameras people can purchase to film, but the video quality is low. On the other hand, the GoPros put together with the camera rig are expected to produce high-quality footage.

Watch the video below



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