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Grand Theft Auto 5 + Virtual Reality + Bikes

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Virtual Nomads is a group of engineering students that are trying to enable you to be able to play Grand Theft Auto 5 while on your bicycle. They created Cycler’s Hub which enables players to utilize virtual reality to view GTA 5 while working out.

 It sounds pretty crazy, but imagine working out while playing Grand Theft Auto 5 at the same time.

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Play Grand Theft Auto 5 While you Bike

What you need is a bike, a VR headset and Grand Theft Auto 5 and you’re able to teleport anywhere on the map as you view your favorite cities and experience the places you’ve wanted to be. There’s also a mod in the game that can turn off the violence so that bikers can explore the city without having to worry about being run over by Trevor Phillips.

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If you needed a reason to get your bike out of the garage, this could be it…Cycler’s Hub. The team at Virtual Nomads says that any bike will work with the controller they developed and that once a player is all set up, they can explore GTA 5 while they bike. There are controls on the device that enable players to control their speed inside the game, kind of like a spin class.

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The company is hoping to implement a feature that reacts to the different terrains you bike on as well, which will make the VR experience even more real.

GTA Online provides many hours of fun play for people and Cycler’s Hub is looking to grow on that by bringing bikers together, no matter where they’re located. Even friends who live hundreds of miles from each other will be able to race each other up mountains to bike through a boardwalk together, whenever.

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Currently, Virtual Nomads don’t have a contract with Rockstar to utilize GTA 5 with their VR device. The company is hoping to make their device compatible with several games and they want to release their own game sometime in the future as well.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has been around for three years now and is still a big time game. We shall see if Virtual Nomads can obtain a contract with Rockstar as that could help GTA 5 become even much bigger due to the unique virtual reality aspect.

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