Groove Jones Journey Into the World of Virtual Reality

Groove Jones And The Exciting Journey Into the World of Virtual Reality


Groove Jones’ team, a Dallas, Texas startup, had in a Deep Ellum studio created short films and animations that come to plunge people in a world where they can drive laps around a NASCAR racetrack, play sports with a star athlete or tour a gourmet chocolate factory that’s an ocean away.

They’ve seen a man stumble while trying to lean on a nonexistent kitchen counter. They’ve also noticed adults giggle when they pick up an imaginary burger or throw a pretend plate. Again, they’ve listen to a boy in a wheelchair shouting after manipulating controllers to spray virtual paint.


In the words of the chief creative officer, Dale Carman, “It’s the beautiful irony of these simple things that move people”.

Groove Jones: ‘VR is the next major innovation’

Founded in 2015, Groove Jones is one of multiple Dallas-area companies that pioneer virtual reality. To them, the next major innovation since the Smartphone and PC is virtual reality. It will become a technology that will increase in popularity commencing with video game players and tech enthusiasts to most households and workplaces.

Virtual reality places users in a 360-degree environment. This in a way is changing the objects of the physical world through the enhancement of reality digital information. Beyond video games, the equipment can be used to show real estate, simulate medical procedures and watch sports games. Virtual reality, according to Goldman Sachs researchers, could become an $80 billion industry by 2025.

vr insights for brands and agencies

Groove Jones has thus made a splash with immersive experiences for brands, given enormity VR Headset in the market.

The team created a virtual reality experience for McDonald’s for South by Southwest where Festival-goers could virtually paint the inside of a Happy Meal box and then walk around their artistic designs which appeared to be suspended in the air.

In February, similar virtual reality experience was created for Kaiser Permanente at the Super Bowl and then, in March they created a Nascar-themed virtual reality experience for XFinity at the Daytona 500. Also in a San Francisco mall, Cailler, a gourmet Swiss chocolate company, apply a virtual reality experience to bring customers to its pop-up shop giving them a tour of its chocolate factory and farms where its cows graze in Switzerland.

At the moment, Groove Jones’ team is creating “snackable” content that people can download and watch on their VR headsets at home. Likewise, they’re working on virtual reality installations for large flagship stores and creating virtual reality experiences inspired by well-known artists for Art Basel, an international art festival in Miami, said McCabe, Groove Jones’ managing director.

audi showcases a wea

The team has worked in film, animation and TV commercials. However, the part thrill of virtual reality is the newness of the medium, Carman said.

He further said, just like Charlie Chaplin, the silent film star who went incognito to theaters and watched the audiences at his movies, he feels great to see how they reacted, if they laughed or cried when he hoped that they would.

With virtual reality, Carman said his team gets to have the same experience.

Dallas is abode to numerous major players in virtual reality and a growing number of startups that are creating immersive experiences. Groove Jones, no doubt, is one startup company that is far excited about its journey in the world of virtual reality.

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