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GTA 5 Just Has to Deal with Virtual Reality

Looks like having an official port of GTA 5 is not happening soon enough, as developers and virtual reality enthusiasts can’t make it happen. This is despite all the attempts at Rockstar games to make the highly successful and profitable action game compatible with various headsets.

Will Virtual Reality Go Along Well with GTA 5?

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Over the past few years, virtual reality has grown really popular, further evidenced by the gradual release of Oculus Rift development kits. However, up until recently, after the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift were launched, the question as to whether virtual reality will catch on or will it soon die as just another ill-fated gimmick hung in the air remains unanswered.

Judging by the recent developments, however, it seems like virtual reality will be around for a longer time than expected, what with the massive media coverage, numerous companies working to develop their own virtual reality headsets, the surprisingly high number of early adopters for either VR device, and the already-large library of VR games we have today.

Then the question of when the AAA industry will adopt virtual reality as a competitive platform pops up. Certain big publishers like Ubisoft have already made smaller virtual reality games so as to swiftly mark territory in this new and unclaimed land, but it’s still a surprise that most AAA companies aren’t bothered.

Take-Two Interactive would really do well should they decide to hop on the virtual reality bandwagon. The larger gaming community, however, doesn’t know how big a player the company is in the industry since it has decided not to stamp their logo on all of Rockstar’s and 2K’s games. However, until that happens, VR enthusiasts and GTA fans like Downsider will have to settle for the homebrew mods, which enable Vive support for GTA 5. A thread on Reddit has made jokes for a long time now about calling it GTAVive, GTA5ive, and so on.


Not only does the head-look work as shown in the gameplay video released by modder, but through unknown eldritch magics, he has been able to get motion controls and motion detection to work with aiming and crouching.

It is only as impressive as advertised when played in first person mode only and the massive scale of GTA 5’s map would make the game one of, if not the most, impressive and awing VR experiences available yet. Fans are still begging Downsider to release his own mod, but the popular modder hasn’t said anything about that.

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