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Ultimate Guide to Which VR Headset You Should Buy

guide to buying vr headsets

VR products have been in the news for a very long time now. Finally, this year in 2016 the product will finally be available for the public to buy. There will be a number of options for the consumers to buy. Therefore, for those who want to buy and experience the virtual world, they need to know the basics of each headset available so that you can decide beforehand which headset you want to buy.

Here we will discuss the basic pros and cons of:

1) Sony PlayStation VR (PS VR)
2) Oculus Rift
3) Samsung Gear VR
4) HTC Vive

Now, let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each of the headsets.

1) Sony PlayStation VR (PS VR)

The advantages include:
– The headset is cheap. It costs $400.
– If you have the PS 4, then you can buy this headset without even a second thought. It’s way less than the $1000 computers you will have to own.
– Sony is a reliable company and you can expect that it will have great things incorporated in it.

The disadvantages include:
– It’s coming a bit later than the other headsets.
– It could produce lower quality and slower delivery than some competitors.
– Sony hasn’t made big initiatives to fix the motion sickness issue.

So, if you have the PS 4, then it may be a good option to get the Sony VR headset.


2) Oculus Rift

The advantages include: It has the best quality as all credits go to Facebook.

The disadvantages include: It is way too expensive. It costs around $600.

Though it’s expensive, it may be worth a buy if you want to experience quality.

Oculus Rift DK2

3) Samsung Gear VR

It was released in 2015 and has pushed way forward with the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge.
The advantages include: take the best care of your pocket. It costs just a $100.

The disadvantages include: As the price is so low, you can’t expect much out of it. Though it does provide you solid immersive videos, but the only problem is that quality is very poor. And the whole experience of VR is made better with the quality. If the quality isn’t there, then what is the point of buying it.

But if you want to watch your pocket and also enjoy the VR experience (kind of) then this is a must buy.

Samsung Gear VR

4)  HTC Vive

HTC will start to ship its products in April. Not long to go.
Its advantages include: It has the ability to read the position of your hands and body out of the box — as opposed to the Oculus — for a more immersive experience.
While playing you can still get your messages.
Also the outer camera helps make it safe to be in outer reality.

The disadvantages include: It’s expensive. $800 might be out of the budget for a lot of people. But you are getting extra accessories with it as well, so it may be worth it.

HTCVive (1)

Now, we leave it up to you to decide with what you want to buy and what suits your pocket and your wishes too.

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