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Guns in Virtual Reality

One of the early accessible games for the HTC Vive is called Hot Dogs, Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades. It’s kind of like a virtual sandbox where you can play with explosives and guns as well. There’s also a basic arcade shooting game and some target ranges and of course lots more experiences being created that will be released in the coming months and years.

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It actually feels as though each gun is a real physical object that has its own interactions and its own rules. It’s pretty weird to use a scope in virtual reality as you have to really put the gun up to your eye. It also needs two hands in order to reload accurately. Not to mention, putting a round in the chamber is a pretty bizarre experience.

Mundo Gamers
This virtual experience feels like an actual physical object more than it does a prop in a movie for example. That’s why some people have said that they felt odd while playing the game, if they don’t like guns in real life.

If you don’t know much about guns, you will be quickly reminded about that when you play this game.

The game, ‘Hot Dogs, Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades’ costs $19.99 and can be purchased now. Additional content is being added daily. It shows how powerful virtual reality for putting you in a situation that could make you uncomfortable in real life, but that you would be willing to do in virtual reality as many people who don’t like guns (and would never fire one in real life) would be open to playing this game, which gives you real insight.

Virtual reality technology can also be utilized to help train gun safety tactics to people who own guns in real life. This hasn’t been done yet, but it’s most likely just a matter of time before someone creates this content.

It could also help people learn what to do in certain situations such as a gun jamming or figuring out what to do when the bullets in the clip remain in the clip as it’s removed during the reloading process.

The talk about guns in virtual reality is just starting and will probably evolve over time.

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