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Half Life 3 to Feature VR Technology, Not Likely to be Released Before 2018


Fans of Half Life have waited for more than a decade since the release of the second edition of Half Life 12 years ago, but even with the passage of a decade, the enthusiasm and loyalty of fans is yet to subside, though there has been no official announced on the launch of the new edition from Valve in terms of the date of release.

Gaming is something that continues to evolve over the years. From originally being just a part of the world of technology, gaming has now evolved and has become a multi-billion dollar industry in its own right. The Half Life series of games has been one of the most popular names in the world of gaming. What made the Half Life games special was the special kind of connection that they had with the gamers. The world of gaming is now patiently waiting for the third iteration in the Half Life series, the Half Life 3 game.


Half Life 3 may be released in 2018

Reports indicate that Half Life 3 may be launched any time next year during the holiday season leading to the year, 2018. The reports also say that the game will be presented in a full virtual reality mode, which would definitely make it one of the most sophisticated and innovative release so far, in gaming technology.

The delay in the release has been attributed by various reports to the fact that Half Life 3 would be the first ever game to feature an immersive VR experience, with the game being expected to feature the best of Virtual Reality technologies. The timing too, seems just right, as by then, the Oculus and HTC Vive devices would have become rather common, and with the PS VR and other such devices too rolling out, Virtual Reality will no longer be as inaccessible as it is right now.


The first game in the series was released in 1998, the second part in 2004, and the third part has been awaited since then. While Valve has never actually said that the Half Life 3 game is releasing for real, the anticipation in the markets is high, and it has now been anticipated that the game will be coming out in the year 2018.


Bleak words from the CEO

The third edition of the iconic game will also see its creative director change from Marc Laidlaw to J.J Adams. In addition, another report reveals that Valve’s CEO, Gabe Newell, would be interested in launching the next super classical model of Half Life only when any of their employees have the enthusiasm and a reasonable reason for the same. Also, “Half Life 3”, if launched, would not only leverage on the learning imbibed on the successful launch of the previous two editions but it would also be a combination of cutting-edge technology and innovation.


Whilst the realistic proposition in the words of the CEO seemed rather discouraging for the fans of Half Life 3, who feel the game may not materialize any time soon, confirmation, as to whether the game will be stalled, has not been communicated so far.

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