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Hardware Companies Expecting A lot From Virtual Reality Even Though Market Isn’t “There” Yet

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Facebook managed Oculus is getting set to start distributing its latest Rift VR headset to the U.S. consumers. Mobile manufacturers HTC are soon releasing its HTC Vive VR headset. On the other hand, Sony will be releasing their Play station VR as well.

According to Anthony Batt, the CEO of Wevr, “It’s a moment of truth for VR. We are excited. But with excitement, there is always a sense of fear.”

HTC and Oculus have been distributing their VR products to developers only. With little knowledge of what consumers for sure want, designers can’t really know what exactly consumers really want or if they will even really be interested in VR on a mass level.

As with any new kind of technology, there are places that should be improved. Without any word from users, designers have been making wild guesses of what the masses are expecting from them.

There is sufficient proof that shows that headsets will be embraced, based on some test studies. It was witnessed in the latest Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a lot of people waited in long lines so as to be able to view the latest Project from Oculus.

A lot of concerns are supposed to be looked into by the VR product developers. One of them is the prices of their devices. Most of them go for pretty heft prices. There have also been some concurs about potential motion sickness as noted by people who have tried out VR headsets.

Hardware companies are expecting a lot even though the market is just now being developed. We will see if their expectations were right or not in the relatively near future. That’s as for sales taking off as quickly as some companies believe they will. Most companies though feel that the VR market will be booming, just not right away as others tend to believe.

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