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Hollywood is Confused About Virtual Reality

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Many Hollywood executives mention how virtual reality is the next big thing. Many people in tech say the same thing. It sure may be. But, what Hollywood executives don’t seem to get is that virtual reality probably won’t be able to completely wipe away traditional moves as we know them.


Hollywood on a Virtual Reality

One of the main reasons comes down to sociability. The majority of people that watch certain TV series like to watch with friends or family. That way they can enjoy the experience together. Same goes for movies.

But, with virtual reality, you’re in a different world but you’re not experiencing the movie or show with your friends or family in the way you can traditionally.

There can be a social aspect to the VR experience, but very different than watching a traditional show or movie as VR is more of a personal experience that you can talk about after. Traditional movies/shows can be shared.

Scripted entertainment in VR is definitely possible, but it’s not going to be easy considering VR means moving around to see what’s happening, etc. And more importantly, it’s not going to be the same.

VR is set to do very well but isn’t likely to replace traditional TV shows and movies.



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