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How Virtual Reality Lenses Function

wearable how VR lenses function


Human eyes have built in lenses that are located in the black part. Receptors, which are located at the back of the eyes convert the incoming light into useful data which enables us to see. The main function of the lens in the eyes is to convert the incoming light by curving it depending with the distance and an object of focus.

People have a problem looking at VR mounted displays that are much smaller. That is why the lenses converts light which penetrates in and so one is able to see. If the eyes focus on an object that’s far, it stays fixed because the light rays become adjusted to each other thus relaxing the eyes.

wearable how VR lenses function2

The VR HMDS needs special lenses so as to correct the position of the light so as to enable it function well with the eyes. Since an image might look smaller than it does when it’s too far. To create a lighter and a much smaller lens, VR HMD uses the Fresnel which is curved like any other lens but highly partitioned. But by using it, one is making a complicated choice since these segments might result in clearer images but light might divide at the tops which are not well curved.


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