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How VR Will Enable More People to Learn

How VR Will Enable More People to Learn

There is a lot of hype right now about virtual and augmented reality with investors already having spent $1.1 billion (just so far in 2016) to get a piece of the action. Virtual reality may really change the way we learn, since it’s not just a technology but also the medium.

Most children in the world are growing digitally and by 2020, 70% of people will have smartphones hence people having the same pool of communication. But this will not democratize learning, because of the wealth gap in the world.

The classic model of a class is the teacher teaching while the students soak in the information. However, this leaves behind the students who struggle to focus or fear to speak up. With the current technology, it is no longer necessary for everyone to progress or study at the same time. Students complete modules that interest them at their own speed. Teachers create environments that are accessible to everyone, whether in the private or public school system. Mobile phones will become a powerful tool for education that will enable all to explore difficult subjects in interactive and engaging ways.

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Curiosity is what motivates people to find out how something works as it causes the brain to release dopamine, which improves our ability to remember things better. Online textbooks and lectures are powerful, but difficult to make exciting and interactive. A well put together virtual reality educational experience would mirror and lead to the crucial process of learning through smartphones and headsets.

Virtual reality may partially replace the reading role in education. If a student is able to process difficult ideas and convert them into mental models, then this can be an effective and efficient new form of learning.

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Over time, virtual reality in education could potentially shift our formal view on education. That’s how big VR could possibly be as it relates to education.


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