Here's Everything You Need to Know About the VR-Ready HP Omen Desktop

HP Omen: A Virtual Reality–Ready Desktop

Virtual Reality HP Omen Desktop

Finally, after releasing its line of laptops in recent years, the HP omen desktop is finally coming. It would be released in August this year. The price remains unknown, but HP announced that the new desktop would be ready for virtual reality and would contain liquid cooling (optional) and tons of storage to store lots of virtual reality games and videos.

The Design of the HP Omen Desktop

The HP Omen desktop looks a lot like the Envy Phoenix desktop. The casing has a dark gray brushed metal paneling. There is a black enclosure at the top of the case, which contains various inputs, among which is a USB Type-C port. The design includes a couple of LED strips that glow and pulse. They can be programmed to three modes, which are Single-Color, Color Show, or CPU temperature.

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HP Omen Desktop

The manufacturer has said that the desktop can be taken apart without the use of tools.

The Specs of the HP Omen Desktop

The HP Omen is a powerhouse with powerful specifications. Some configurations would contain an Intel Core i7-6700K processor with up to 32 GB RAM. As for storage, buyers could get up to 512 GB SSD and a 3 TB hard drive. This storage options is large and would contain a lot of virtual reality and regular games. As for graphics card, the HP Omen is no slouch and supports some of the most powerful graphics cards available such as the newly announced Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 GPU and the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X. The liquid cooling option would be awesome for quiet, cool gaming.



Virtual Reality Compatibilities of the HP Omen Desktop

With advanced specs, the HP Omen desktop can support all virtual reality headsets released for PC. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift would work without any hitch on it. HP has recently partnered with HTC on a virtual reality–based project. Details about the partnership haven’t been released by any party, but the assumption that the HP Omen desktop would be a major part of the partnership is not too far-fetched.

Virtual Reality–Ready Desktop

The Display of the HP Omen Desktop

Apart from the HP Omen desktop, HP is going to launch a new monitor called the Omen by HP. It is 32″ in size and comes with a Quad HD (2560 X 1440) resolution that reaches 100 percent of the sRGB color range. The price of the monitor is currently unknown, but it is expected to ship in August. It will support the AMD’s FreeSync software, which is a software that uses adaptive synchronization technology to dynamically control refresh rates, thereby creating smoother frame rates and graphics.

Final Notes

The HP Omen desktop is topnotch, and HP is leaving no stone unturned. With the powerful specifications of the HP Omen and the collaboration with HTC, it is clear that HP is looking to compete in the high-end PC market alongside the likes of Origin, Maingear, and Alienware. Looking at the HP Omen desktop combined with the new display, it is clear that HP is the company to watch out for.

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