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HTC Revealed Plans to Infiltrate Enterprises with Virtual Reality

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From Oculus to Huawei, Facebook, Samsung, and beyond, there is not much question that virtual reality is the huge breakout trend of 2016. The thing that the technology giants all around the world are still trying to figure out is to find bona fide use cases for immersive videos.


HTC Plans to Widen Coverage of Virtual Reality

However, gaming is the one clear conduit that could push virtual reality into the stratosphere. Recently, HTC revealed plans to penetrate the enterprise and make applications for virtual reality across science, marketing, design, and manufacturing. The tech titan of Taiwan has partnered with the Dassault Systémes, which is a France-based software company that creates virtual reality tools and 3D design.


Cher Wang, CEO and chairman of HTC, said in a press release, “Virtual reality is a truly disruptive technology in business as well as our lives, and Dassault Systèmes is leading the way in demonstrating how VR can help organizations transform their business, enhancing their products and services or completely creating new offerings.”

Out of the total hardware products going to the market this year, people have called the HTC Vive the best consumer hardware to deliver virtual reality experiences, though there is a need of better games for HTC. The strategic partnership of HTC with Dassault will watch the duo showcase “world-class applications for business and government” in 2016 at events all around the world. In other means, virtual reality is still in initial stages. They are trying to develop the market for virtual reality technology, and there is no assurance that the government or businesses will warmly accept the virtual reality.

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Though, representing the applications of virtual reality in the actual world will go some way toward displaying what virtual reality could bring to the enterprise realm. Bernard Charlés, CEO and President of Dassault Systémes said, “We are in the age of the experience economy, which means that innovation must be driven by the value of experiences. With HTC Vive, our collaborative 3D Experience platform provides a second to none consistent experience of the virtual twin of the real world, thus addressing our customer needs in collaborative innovation from ideation to marketing and selling.”



It is predicted that the market of virtual reality will expand to $30 billion by 2020, but there is the need of significant excelled growth to make this happen. All the big players such as Samsung, Oculus, HTC, Facebook and others are pushing things forward, but there is still a way to pass through before these things hit the market.


Recently in March, Dell revealed the three new workstation tower computers that are capable of handling the processing required for virtual reality to function. Indeed, to avoid the “puke problem”, the technology need to run 90 frames per second (FPS) or better. Yes, virtual reality makes people sick, but Dell thought that its release is a step forward for its applications in the business. Rahul Tikoo, general manager and executive director of Dell Precision workstations, said, “The first use for VR is in games and entertainment, but we’re seeing a lot of interest in the enterprise as well. This signals to the world we will have a leadership position in this space. We are enabling the right usage for commercial customers.” He further said he assumes the virtual reality to influence all the industries including energy, engineering, science, and entertainment.

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Startups too are seeming to be interested in their business focused virtual reality smarts. Recently in January, Envelop VR, which is the company that makes virtual reality software for the enterprises, has obtained $5.5 million and also added the Google Ventures (GV) to its list of investors. And a few weeks ago, Marxent, a company that provides augmented reality (AV) and virtual reality for manufacturers and retailers, raised $10 million in their funding round.

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