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Hulu’s Investments in Virtual Reality


Hulu seeks to provide its ad services and aid marketers to check the impact of the media on the purchase of over-the-top devices. On Wednesday morning, the company announced at Madison Square Garden, during its presentations that it has partnered with Brightline to produce the first interactive advertising tools manufactured specifically for connected TVs. Havas Media is the firm contracted to promote this new product which will be launched this summer.


Also, Hulu partnered with Nielsen to ensure proper monitoring of ads through the sale of various video delivery devices such as Roku, Play station, Xbox and Apple TV. This will enable the company to estimate the accurate rate of ad campaign viewing beyond the PC. The company is creating more ad services and tools associated with viewing in OTT environments through its partnership with Milward Brown, a market research firm. Also, Magna Global will be interested in this partnership as the company revealed on Wednesday that it will divert $250 million meant for client ad to YouTube’s best inventory TV.

During the Digital Content Newfront presentations this week, it was observed that Hulu will keep on investing in virtual reality content just like other presenters. This company partnered with Live Nation to broadcast virtual concert performance series.


The series will be available on a VR app which was newly introduced by Hulu. This application will engage fans in a live performance as it enables them to hang out with artists at the backstage before the show, provides the fans with an opportunity to walk on the stage in front of the audience and allows them to watch the concert from the best seat in the viewing area. Thus, they will have a totally different and exciting viewing experience as they become part of the crowd while watching the concert.


The VR app from Hulu is available for Samsung Gear VR and more platforms will be added soon. Subscription to Hulu’s VR app increased by 30% in the past year and it is presumed that it will reach 12million this month.


The company broadcasted “The Path” for a second season while “The Mindy Project” was repeated for the fifth season as deduced from the period it was shown on Fox before Hulu broadcasted it. This company has planned to broadcast an election special from The Triumph and to air The Insult Comic Dog which will be premiered in the later part of the year. “Beatles: Eight Days A week,” is a documentary by Ron Howard which was taken over by Hulu. The company also incorporated two brands into its programs which includes Goose Island Beer Company which was featured in the original series of “Casual” and partnered with Lexus on “The Mindy Project”.


Hulu is really innovative. The creation of interactive ad tools is a great development which will improve the effectiveness of advertising services. The creation of virtual reality application is remarkable technology advancement. Subscribers of this application can be wherever they wish to be and entertain themselves without going for concerts. This virtual reality application brings the videos to the comfort of the fans and they can use it whenever they feel like doing so. It eliminates visiting viewing centers or waiting for a particular video to be broadcasted before one can view it. Subscribe and enjoy your video like never before.

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