Hyper-Reality: Here's What Future Looks Like When AR and VR Get Mixed with Physical Reality

Hyper-Reality: Film Examines the Integration of Physical Reality with AR and VR


A new film called Hyper-Reality has been making waves recently, but what exactly is it about? Here’s what you need to know about this eye-opening movie.

Technology is evolving at a speed too fast, a lot of people can’t even keep up with the many changes they see every time. Some get excited over every newly invented product while some are left bewildered, but one thing is for sure: everyone is equally surprised.

The hottest things in technology at the moment are virtual reality and augmented reality. Research and development into these fields are starting, and many tech giants are jumping on the bandwagon—no one wants to be left out. Some big companies have already released their virtual reality headsets in an attempt to have a giant slice of the cake. There is the Oculus Rift by Facebook, the HTC Vive by HTC, Google Cardboard and Daydream by Google, the HoloLens by Microsoft, the PlayStation VR by Sony, and the Gear VR by Samsung. There are also numerous less costly VR headsets made by smaller companies.

There are far more companies that are working on virtual reality–related hardware apart from headset, and some are developing content and software for virtual reality. This is to show how rapid the development of virtual reality industry is. While virtual reality has certainly become huge, it is not yet as widely used to be considered a part of one’s day-to-day life, but one thing’s for certain, it’s not far from becoming so.

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Virtual Reality

The possibility of augmented reality and virtual reality getting completely integrated into everyday life is still subject to uncertainties, but in an attempt to give us a glimpse of how things would turn out if ever that possibility materializes, short-film maker Keiichi Matsuda put together a movie that shows the likely outcome.



Here’s What You Need to Know About Keiichi Matsuda’s ‘Hyper-Reality’


The short film titled, Hyper-Reality, is less than seven minutes long, but it’s a real eye-opener and shows how congested things could be in the future when what is real and not real are merged, forming a jumble of updates, social media alerts, etc.


As VR and AR get integrated into physical reality, the character in the short film gets bombarded by countless information. The things that are physically in front of her get mixed with what is digitally displayed before her. As she walks and sees the road and people around her, she is also facing a screen with an interactive game, call and text notifications, and a lot of other features we get from mobile phones. And every time the character changes location, the details she receives change too.

Although it should not be taken as an accurate representation of the new reality when AV and VR become completely part of daily life, clearly emphasized in the short film is the level of disconnection from reality the character experiences. It shows that somehow, at some point, technology will take its toll on us humans too.

Matsuda plant to make two more short films after Hyper-Reality, with the same purpose in mind: to share what he thinks the future would be like.

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