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Imagine Facebooking in Virtual Reality

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During the F8 developers’ conference, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Chairman, Chief Executive, and co-founder showcased Facebook’s vision of the year 2026, and it was a fantastic vision. Zuckerberg’s gameplan is pretty simple, (on paper, that is):

1. Take an already existing, state-of-the-art tech.

2. Build a product or a service around it.

3. Next, turn it into an environment where everybody else can build business systems around it. Viola! Pretty simple right?

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However, for lack of helpful answers from Facebook due to their total focus on current, short-term goals we piece together an idea of how Facebook sees the world in the year 2026. Amazing and grand you might say but this vision does have its merits, loads of it. The setback: spending a lot more time on Facebook!

Facebook Thinks VR will be HUGE

On Facebook’s calendar, by 2026, everyone on planet earth would be connected to the internet, hopefully getting their access from their connectivity arm: internet.org. And with the rise the VR technology, Zuckerberg believes everyone would be donning high tech VR headset that would look very much like your average Hugo Boss sunshades, but definitely more badass in functionality. If it all goes through, Facebook envisages the world would be able to talk to each other using these headsets like we are all roomies, wherever they are, same country or half the world away.


“Social VR done right has the potential to let us define our tribe not by proximity but personal choice,” Yaser Sheikh of Oculus’ research team said at F8.


Right here is a concept with mind-staggering potential and giving FBK’s core value which is sharing, the Virtual Reality tech would turn out to be totally effective channel to that purpose. Bill Gate’s Microsoft also has agendas in that regard, just check out their Hololens VR headset; and you’ll understand.


In the instance that everyone in the world now lives half their lives in virtual reality Facebook will play a very crucial role in world wide communication, whether casual or financial.


Mainstream VR is A Long Term Process

The quest to make VR mainstream is still a long term pursuit for now we just have gaming headsets and VR cameras, and a few other things however, when it comes, it will be breathtaking and a lot of us out there would hurriedly welcome its arrival. However, there’s a twist or a setback in that; virtual reality social media will ‘virtually’ put the world in the hands of Facebook. I said that making allusions to the current level of control FBK (and other social media networks)has on people already; lots and lots of people spend a great lot of their time on FBK every single day, chatting, buying, selling, etc. Now, imagine what will happen if all you need to do to connect to anyone anywhere in the world and not through boring ol’ texting but actual voice conversation is just to put on a very light, very everyday-ish, sunshade-looking headset.

The world may not be ready for what’s about to hit them.

Watch the video below



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