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Imagine Taking VR Selfies With Virtual Selfie Sticks

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At the point when Facebook purchased Oculus two years ago, a considerable number of individuals thought the union was odd and doesn’t make sense. This might be due to the fact that Facebook is an online social network while Oculus are into the creation of virtual reality headsets and other exquisite VR innovations. The two don’t appear to go along. At F8, during Facebook’s designer convention, we may have seen a bit of how Facebook strategies to input social into VR. It’s not just about viewing a movie together or connecting an Oculus account to Facebook. It really includes interacting with someone in a virtual space: chatting, smiling, drawing doodles, sharing photographs and, as we found in a demo at F8, also taking virtual selfies with virtual selfie sticks.


Facebook’s CTO Demonstrates VR Selfie

In front of an audience in San Francisco, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer wore an Oculus Rift headset, which he used to speak with an associate based back in Facebook’s main headquarters, in Menlo Park. They were both presented as floating heads and arms, however, you can alter your avatar by utilizing virtual pens to draw in facial hair and other different elements. They even made virtual bowties and appended them to each other. Consider them Snapchat doodles though in a VR. Next, Schroepfer’s partner gave him what seemed, by all accounts, to be a roundabout picture. He “tossed” it at Schroepfer, and it then blasted into a 360-degree picture that totally encompassed the two. The picture was that of the St Pancras train station in London. At that point, he hurled another picture his direction and it transformed into a 360-degree encompassing of Piccadilly Circus. What truly stood out enough to be noticed was the point at which they went to a Tower Bridge scene; they really took a virtual selfie utilizing a virtual selfie stick. After which, Schroepfer sent the selfie to his Facebook feed through what seems to be a virtual teleporting mailbox.


Facebook’s View on Social VR

This, it appears, is the thing that Facebook envisions social VR will look like. Yaser Sheik, who is a researcher in Oculus, said while addressing the audience that as technology advances more and more, this will turn out to be significantly more possible of becoming a reality. Despite the fact that current VR avatars are entirely simple, he said that we still have the ability to construe what’s going on. “The moment the points move, the ambiguity disappears,” he said, including that the sample case for social VR is complex. You can share private minutes like the birth of a baby in VR, for instance, or appreciate virtual tours with companions. “Genuine, deeply convincing interactions, remotely” is the objective. That sort of inundation and profound association aren’t conceivable with a common photograph or video, he said. Facebook is likewise taking a shot at head-mounted cameras to get more definite mouth movement so that the avatars are more similar than some time recently.


“Imagine a social experience in VR that’s indistinguishable from real life,” Sheik said. “Where the tech disappears and you’re just interacting with another person.” Facebook still has years far from that becoming a reality, however, it’s reasonable that it has as of now begun laying the foundation for it to happen.

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