The Virtual Reality Journey: Everything You Need to Know

The Impressive Virtual Reality Journey

Virtual reality (VR) is slowly but steadily increasing its presence and influence in our society. Three major events in 2016 have signified that VR is growing a stronger presence in our world today and that it is here to stay: the HTC Vive launch, Facebook’s release of its Oculus Rift, and Sony’s launch of its own PlayStation VR.

The Virtual Reality Journey

Historical Setup

The HTC Vive has now been made widely available for orders in Canada, where people are really becoming excited for what virtual reality would bring about.

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The HTC Vive is a product that has been years in the making, and thus, many people were looking forward to its release. It is known as the brainchild between HTC and Valve Corporation, the company that releases Counter Strike, Half Life, and Portal. For four years, they were hard at work in conceptualizing and creating quite a number of inputs. After four long years, they finally arrived at the final output, which is now being lauded as creating fully immersive experiences. 

According to McRee, the technology will develop, but as it does so, its units will get smaller in size and fewer parts will be required. For now though, he added, people will have to bear its slightly bulky size. Despite this, the VR experience is still worth it. Its makers say that although it is big with regard to immersion, it still shows a commitment on space. HTC also added, “movement within a diagonal area of up to 5 m (16 ft 4 in) is supported with a minimum of 2 m x 1.5 m (6 ft, 6 in x 5 ft),” referring to room scale support.

Considering all these, how then do you handle the device, granted you have the required specs needed to run the program and the space?

The Practical Aspects

First, you put the headset on and hold the two remote controllers in your hand; these parts will then take you on an underwater journey exploring a sunken ship. With the controllers, you can go around the deck, look over its edge right down to the bottom of the ocean floor, and even view a life-sized whale as it swims past you. It’s a simple enough experience, but it’s very effective just the same.

virtual reality journey

Its TiltBrush app is also an incredible experience in itself. With it, you can doodle, draw, and create your imagined animations all in 3D space. When you’ve finished the drawing, you can then view it from all possible angles, and choose whether to add to it or simply appreciate what you’ve created. 

Another enjoyable part is The Lab, where you can learn about the many mechanics and features of the HTC Vive. You can also find an arcade where you can play video games and even explore the human body. One of the most enjoyable segments are the real-world simulations, where you’ll be made to experience what it feels like to climb and be on top of a mountain. This part is made possible because the device pieces together many images and creates a virtual space where you can walk and have a look around and even play with your dog. Overall, the demos showed a variety of the best games and similar applications of the world of virtual reality.

The Verdict

The verdict is that it is obvious that its makers have put in a lot of effort in making the HTC Vive. The design is great, and the controllers are easy enough to handle. There wasn’t any record at all of nausea. There were also other extra benefits that its users appreciated, such as the chance to interact with other players and the ability to go around without having to bump into things. There is also the added feature of the players being able to use their mobile phone so they read text messages or check emails without having to take off the VR headset.

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