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India Welcomes Virtual Reality

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When you think about virtual reality, you probably don’t associate it with an Indian village. However, in Ushapur village, about 80 km from Ujjain, there are lots of people including elderly women and kids that are wearing VR headsets.


The VR headsets are giving people a virtual tour of the Mahakaal temple, which is a very famous temple.


First, they go in the temple after they take off their “chappals”.

Virat Kuthal is the founder of Twist Mobile, an app development company. The company is creating immersive experiences for templates and other places of worship or in other words, religious locations, throughout India.

Kuthal and his company filmed the Mahakaal temple in 360 degrees with the goal of bringing the popular temple to the 70 million+ people who visit Ujjain’s Kumbh Mela each year. Since so many people visit, not everybody is able to enter the temple.


It took about 6 months to film the 360 degree footage of the temple as they had to get the correct technology and get permission from the people who manage the temple. Twist Mobile developed their own OpenGL 360 degree video player that they utilized.

As of now, they’re planning on setting up 20 stalls at the Kumbh Mela and that’s going to ton starting April 22nd until May 21st. There are going to be 5,000 Google Cardboards and 2 Oculus Rift VR headsets for people to view the experience. Twist Mobile is also going to be putting Google Cardboard headsets at hotels in Ujjain, Indore and Dewas.


Virat said, “Dilip Awasti (Co-FOunder of Twist Mobile) came up with the idea. He said it would be amazing if we could showcase Mahakaal temple to the rural population.”

He further added, “The idea is to create a platform for digitizing the experience of our culture, which has very high repeat value as well as uniqueness. The Aarti at every temple in this country is unique. People want to experience it.”

As of now, the Twist Mobile team has filmed most of the temples in Indore. He plans to take this experience throughout many tourist locations in Madhya Pradesh and throughout India.

Watch the video below



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