Broadwell E: Intel's Newest Processor Is Everything We've Always Wanted

Intel Launches Next-Generation Processor Broadwell E


Intel’s Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition is a game changer. The new Core chips, already codenamed Broadwell E, are a next-generation processor with 10 Cores. This chip is believed to be the most powerful processor ever created, and gamers should be excited as the chip offers attractive features.

Intel Introduces Broadwell E

For avid gamers, the headline must have been enough to pique interest. To give you a better understanding of what this new release from Intel is, we’re sharing everything we know so far about the processor Broadwell E.

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Intel Processor

The chips, although made primarily for gaming PCs, content creation, and VR, will also be installed in computers that have the capability to work with VR headset like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

“With the Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition, we have built a monster platform,” said Gregory Bryant, corporate VP at Intel. “It will transform the way people play, work and create.”

Specifications of Broadwell E

The Broadwell E chip (10 Core I 7-6950x) can be bought for $1723. The chip has a clock speed of 3GHz, which can be boosted to 3.7GHz with 20MB of cache. For just $1,089, you can have the eight-core i7-6900K chip. Intel still has the six-core i7-6850K chip that has clock speeds from 3.4GHz to 3.6GHz and is currently sold at $434.

These chips were manufactured to meet the technological needs of PC users. The feature that makes this chips so attractive is they can be overclocked and unlocked, which instantly cranks up the CPU frequency and upgrades the performance of the PC. They are up to 35 percent faster in 3D graphics rendering and up to 25 percent faster in 4K editing than its predecessors like the Core i7-5960x, Intel said.



Broadwell E

Gaming enthusiasts and content editors need PCs with top-end gaming and very fast CPUs and graphics cards. If the processing speed is slow, the experience on VR headsets can cause motion sickness.

There are several sectors that virtual reality can be applied, including education, medical, agriculture, and gaming. Having computers with the Broadwell E chip will aid in the creation of virtual reality content. With this, lecturers will not only be able to teach students of archaeology about the evolution of man, they can also take them to the beginning of time and show them just how it was.

The 3-D cameras, biometric logins, and 4K graphics are some features the Core i7 will be bringing to laptops and will be an upgrade to Intel’s existing fourth generation core chips. On the other hand, applications that require Internet connection to run may not need high-performance chips, as a lot of the processing happens in the cloud.

The new Broadwell E chips consume 140watts of power, making them unsuitable for tablets (Intel has another chip, Core M that was made specifically for tablets, as it only consumes 4.5–10 watts).

Another good news is that with the new core chips, laptops can be remotely disabled and its data wiped cleaned, if it is stolen. Core chips with vPro also permit the remote troubleshooting of laptops, as they will support vPro technology, which will make security management of PCs easier.

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