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Intel’s Core i7 Processor Believed to Be the World’s Most Powerful


Imagine what you could do with more CPU cores! Think about all the tasks you could finish and all the games you could play if you had as many as ten cores or computing brains on a single chip. Such prospect is something gamers will be most excited about; good thing it’s not an illusion.

Intel Ready to Present Core i7 Processor

Intel recently announced to the world that it has created Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition—possibly the world’s most powerful.

Speaking about the new project, Intel’s corporate vice president and general manager of Connected Home and Commercial Client, Gregory Bryant, says, “With the Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition, we’ve built a monster platform. It will transform the way people play, work and create.”

Intel is the world’s biggest chip maker and has produced more than $1 billion worth of processors. Each of these processors can be run beyond its recommended specifications. The feature makes the processor particularly attractive to gamers and content creators.

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Intel Core i7

In an interview with GamesBeat, Bryant adds, “If you want to do VR content like 360-degree content stitching, this part performs very well. It’s just a monster on enthusiast performance. It is by far the fastest performing part we have ever built.”

The Core i7 Processor is faster than the Haswell-generation, which it was created to replace. The Core i7 Processor, model i7- 6950x, can be bought for $1,700—a bargain considering all the features the chip houses.

The Core i7 Processor has ten processor cores. This means it has up to twenty threads for handling several compute-intensive workloads at the same time, as it is designed not just for multi-tasking but for mega tasking. The processor also features 4 Channel DDR4-2400 memory support.

This “monster” was created with gamers and content editors in mind and is optimized for extreme gaming needs as well as 4K video editing. The combination of hardware and software is estimated to deliver 15 percent better single-threaded performance, which, as Intel explains, is optimized by identifying the processor’s fastest core and directing your most critical workloads to it. Additionally, the Core i7 Processor works with Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, which focuses on peak loads.



Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, said, “Enthusiasts should be excited about Broadwell E, as it brings not only single-threaded performance enhancements but multicore too. While Intel has brought many important platform improvements over the past few years, this time Intel has brought double-digit improvements to the chip itself, independent of platform. This should make the snarkiest reviewer happy. Intel is delivering some really great enthusiast gear for games, VR, and extreme multitasking.”

The chip processor uses Technology 3.0 applications, giving single-threaded experience a big performance boost, and in Bryant’s words, the chip “is ideal for content creators who are building VR apps or other heavy duty creations with visual effects and music.”

Graphics cards, Thunderbolt peripherals, SSD, and other accessories run at peak performance due to the 40 PCIe lanes and the 3GHz base clock speed that the new high-end CPU delivers.

“You spend more of your time creating and less time waiting. You can manipulate images, take 360 (-degree) videos, transcode video and work on things like Adobe Premier,” added Bryant. “We think there are about 130 million users in that Core community. And that’s not as many as the number of gamers out there.

“The Processor works great with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. It can also capture 4K footage from phones and cameras and edit them into films. It can process 20 threads or programs at the same time. The chip is based on Intel’s 14-nanometer Tri-Gate transistors, and it will work in an existing X99 CPU board, which enables hardware companies to create Core i7 systems with the intel X99 chip set.”

Core i7 Processor

Brian quipped, “I believe about 90 percent of the PCs already installed are not capable of running VR with a great user experience.”

Intel is organizing a competition starting on June 1 where 12 builders compete to create the most extreme gaming rig featuring the Core i7 Processor and an Intel SSD 750 series, and fans will decide who comes out on top. Winners of the final 7 rigs will be unveiled.

“Gaming has become huge among both mainstream audiences and the enthusiasts who like to watch professional esport events, where players compete with each other for big prizes” said Bryant. “It is mainstream, it is widespread and it’s all ages and sexes. It’s got viewership. People are watching.”

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