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IPhone VR Apps and Games

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IPhone high resolution display forms the most important part of a VR headset and all you need is a pair of goggles strapped to your head is all you need to experience VR.

The following apps and games will give you an idea of the best VR experiences:

1) Virtual Kaiju 3D

You play as one of the giant beasts in the original Godzilla films.
Price: £0.79 (around US$1.09, AU$1.49)

2) In Mind VR

A game where you travel through the patient’s mind looking for red neurons, which turn green when you focus on them.
Price: Free

3) VR Tank Training for Google Cardboard

The game gives aspiring tank commanders a feel of the battlefield.
Price: £1.49 (around US $2. 32, AU$3.18)

4) Froggy VR

Lets you experience life as a frog.
Price: free


A great app for telling stories.
Price: free

6) Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story

This game is subtly unnerving in as much as it has all the horror staples.
Price: free

7) Fractal Combat X

It is  an aerial combat game.
Price: free

8) Solar Realms Rising VR

It incorporates all the stuff you’d want to do in space.
Price: £1.49 (around US $2. 32, AU$3. 18)

9) Air Race VR

This is one of those merry-go- round-style rides seen at fun fairs and theme parks.
Price: free

10) In Their Chucks – A 360° Experience

The app shows stories and pictures from (semi) famous lovers of Chucks.
Price: free

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