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The Current Investment Potential of the Virtual Reality Market

Rukkus, the popular ticket marketplace app, recently launched a new feature last month. The new feature is said to ensure that customers actually get the specific seat that they pay for. This innovation was developed as part of the company’s new mission to reorient its ticketing market that is said to bring in huge profits worth $30 billion. The Seat360 feature, as it is called, was developed by the company so that its users can make their purchases with the accuracy that virtual reality brings into the eCommerce platform.

The Investment Potential of Virtual Reality Market

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With Seat360, users can choose seats based on a firsthand virtual reality experience—that is, they get to experience what it’s like to be in the seat itself via gyroscope-driven panoramic 360-degree seat views. Google Cardboard is said to further supplement this, with other platforms including the Rukkus website displaying the same panoramic seat views except for the VR presentation. Android is also said to offer the Seat360 very soon.

At present, all the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL) arenas as well as more than half of the Major League Baseball (MLB) arenas are said to have the Seat360 VR feature. It’s also steadily growing its presence in major concert venues and theaters as well as in the National Football League (NFL) stadiums.

Manick Bean, the CEO/CTO of Rukkus, made this statement when he was asked by the media where the company got the inspiration for the new features: “Seat360 started as a project after surveying our customers to see what was important to them when making a ticket-purchasing decision. Ninety percent said first-person seat views were very important to them, and 81% would prefer an interactive 360 panorama to a static 2D image to help choose their seat. From these surveys we learned that many customers are hesitant when buying tickets online because they aren’t confident in what their seat will be like. We sought to alleviate these concerns and be as transparent in the purchasing process as possible with Seat360.”

Users can find the latest version of the Rukkus app with the new Seat360 feature on the iOS app store, while the Google Playstore has the Android version. If you’re accessing from a desktop PC or a laptop, you can visit its website, www,

With the introduction into the market of this new feature, can we now safely say that virtual reality is a worthwhile investment? In recent years, virtual reality has made leaps and bounds in terms of the achievements and progress it has made in several industries. In addition, it has proven its strong potential in the field of innovative technology for the future. With the steadily stronger buzz it has been getting in the press, it is often said that virtual reality will soon make its grand entrance into the mainstream markets.


But experts are often in argument when it comes to the present viability of virtual reality: some of them see it as an industry with the extreme potential for growth in the near future; while there are others who consider it as the next technology bubble, and thus the need to take careful steps when investing in the said technology. Ultimately, though, it is certain that the next few years will reveal virtual reality’s potential to carve out a niche for itself in the consumer electronics market.

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