360fly Makes Livestreaming the Isle of Man TT in VR Possible

Isle of Man TT to Livestream in 360-Degree Virtual Reality


There are different types of racing including bike racing and kart racing. And then there’s the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) , a festival of speed, power, nerves, and skills.

The Isle of Man TT: What It Is and What Makes It Famous

It was 1911 when the world first witnessed the first-ever Isle of Man TT race. It is exciting, as any sport is, but from its first race through the present, it has taken a lot of lives, making it one of the most dangerous racing events in the world. This did not stop adventure-seekers, however, from organizing the same event every year.

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Isle of Man TT Racing

Each year, courageous riders risk breaking their bones in the pursuit of ultimate glory of being crowned champion of the isle. The 37-mile Snaefell Mountain Course, a thin band of asphalt along the island’s perimeter that runs through small towns,is incredibly dangerous. Racers complete it almost entirely without modern safety measures. How the race is done is exactly what makes the single most exciting week of motorsport in the world.


Isle of Man TT Goes VR

The Isle of Man TT is a race that will have you on the edge of your seat. But this time, it is expected to be more exciting, as you will be able to view all the speed and terror via 360-degree live stream and in amazing 4K quality.

Action Camera

That’s thanks to a partnership with 360fly, which will provide a constant feed of the race from several different locations, including the press room, paddock, and, of course, on board the bikes.

Specializing in consumer-level 360-degree video, 360fly brings immersive video and mobile virtual reality to individuals with cameras at a very affordable price. With its vivid mobile app, 360fly allows consumers to shoot, edit, and share 360-video big social platforms like YouTube and Facebook with ease. Not only that, but it’ll all be compatible with Google Cardboard and similar tech, which means you can watch guys wrangling liter-bike wheelies at Autobahn speeds in full-on virtual reality. Fans who are unable to physically attend the exhilarating event will be able to experience the race like never before.

Peter Adderton,360fly CEO, said, “Isle of man TT is an incredible event that the vast majority of race fans are unable to attend due to its secluded location. The ability to not only track rider perspectives, but also plan 360 degrees across the island’s breath-taking terrain, will bring an entirely new dimension to how fans experience this unparalleled racing event.”

With TT live bringing you live data from around the legendary long mile mountain course, imagine how incredible it will be on livestream 360 degree view!).

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