Companies Have the Difficulty of Explaining Virtual Reality to Newbies - VR Life

It’s Hard To See How Cool VR Is

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If you’re still skeptical about VR, the best way to not be skeptical anymore would be to try it. Once you try VR, there’s a good chance you will understand why it’s so cool.

It’s hard for companies to advertise VR to people through their 2D monitors. You need to experience it to understand how awesome it is.

While companies are struggling to find ways to show the VR experience to newbies, it seems as though the HTC Vive has figured it out. They just made a preview video for their retail pre-order launch. The video shows a 2D camera behind a silhouetted player while Audioshield’s content along with constant colors dropping from the sky fill the screen to create an illusion that the player was really standing in the virtual world.

The trailer was filmed using PlayStations 3’s PS Eye camera along with a green screen.


Watch the video below




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