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Japan is Getting Ready for Tsunami with VR

Oculus Rift Japan VR

Natural disasters happen all over the world. Japan tends to have tsunamis more often than most parts of the world due to their geology and geography.

In 2011, tsunami waves reached up to 40.5 meters high and was highly destructive.

It’s important to know what to do in a natural disaster in order to try to stay safe.

Professors at the Aichi University of Technology are using the Oculus Rift DK2 to simulate tsunamis. Dr. Tomoko Itamiya created 3 simulations for tsunamis in Japan.

Source vrfocus com
Source: vrfocus.com

One of the simulations has the driver attempting to escape the rushing waters as the car becomes immersed in the water. The other videos utilize YouTube’s 360 degree capability. While the locations in this video aren’t the locations that were devastated in 2011, they are locations that are prone to destructive tsunamis.

This is one way to help educate people about natural disasters and how to stay safe and it’s safe to say that more scenarios will be created throughout the world to help people in all sorts of situations.


Watch the video below




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