Japanese Game Making Experts Dedicated 50 million to Virtual Reality Store for a VR Studio - VR Life

Japanese Game Making Experts Opens American VR Studio



Colopl NI is expecting to take an authority position in virtual reality. Colopl is a Japanese mobile app distributer which has an income of $700 million a year. They have officially dedicated $50 million to a virtual reality venture store. The current plan is to create diversions for developing stages, for example, Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR, Facebook Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive, the organization has opened a virtual reality studio, Colopl NI, in San Mateo, Calif.


Jikhan Jung, Chief of Colopl NI, says the organization’s home office in Japan has been creating in virtual reality for a long time. The new studio is going to influence that experience to develop its virtual reality vicinity in the U.S. rapidly.

“In the beginning, we will focus on the quality of our teams rather than the quantity of our teams, and build out over time,” Jung says. “This will allow us to ensure quality and a strong, long-term plan.”
Jung says Colopl NI is planning to take an authoritative position in virtual reality. The studio is utilizing Unity game engine technology, and is going to be more centered on PC-based virtual reality Games since it has a solid association with Oculus. They are also looking into PlayStation VR and a variety of virtual reality options that have mass potential.


They are hoping to achieve players internationally, not as a matter of course focusing on particular nations, Jung says. “Games from the U.S. will have a higher chance of working across territories, from what we’ve seen from past experiences within mobile and PC, ” he says.

The company develops games internally, but the new U.S. studio will work with independent engeineers as well. This will be paid for by the $50 million Colopl Next fund that’s meant for people that have ideas that could disrupt the virtual reality industry.



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