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Kids Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality games are popular among the teenagers as it allows them to use their imagination, be able to socialize and learn new things. They enjoy working in this technology and it is less inhibited by adults, although some adults enjoy the virtual gaming world when they get the opportunity to play games. For kids, they get to choose what avatar they want to represent them while in the virtual world.

Girls and boys have different tastes hence, they will choose what games to play according to what they like.

Virtual reality games for girls are based upon celebrities, Disney channels, pets and fashion and there has been response by game companies developing games such as:

1) Virtual Pet online
2) Barbie games
3) Create your own avatar
4) Girl in Hollywood
5) games


However, game companies need to realize that there are girls who are interested more types of games, rather than just games about shopping, fashion or pets.

On the other hand, boys prefer games about sports, role playing games, adventure and simulation. Popular video games include:

1) Grand Theft Auto
2) Fallout
3) Call of duty
4) Assassin’s Creed
5) Halo
6) World of Warcraft
7) Prince of Persia

There is an increase in the number of girls playing video and computer games so this means that the game manufacturers have to meet the demand of this new audience while also catering to boys and creating immersive VR experiences.

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