Korea Welcomes Virtual Reality Room
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Korea Welcomes Virtual Reality Room

The upcoming launch of the first VR Bang (room) in Korea where visitors are guaranteed the experience of virtual reality is said to be holding in a month’s time. Thus, there is a lot of expectations from people as regards whether it would successfully generate a new gaming habit or help to replace the dying PC Bang and or ensure adequate growth in the VR industry in Korea. 
The launch of the first VR Bang in Gangnam Station, Seoul was announced a couple of days ago by a VR franchising company, Wow Insights to be in June.

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VR contents would be enjoyed with VR devices at the VR Bang and this would be experienced by the visitors. However, introduction of games, videos and expedition contents with latest VR devices including the Samsung Gear VR and Taiwan’s HTC Vive are being planned by Wow Insights.



Consideration are already being given to the VR Bang as a new business model which replaces the PC Bang in China. Thus, a contract to create VR tryout zone at existing PC Bangs was signed by HTC with a China’s PC Bang franchising company. Provision of services which would allow the visitors to play and enjoy VR games for a couple of minutes at a cheaper price was, however, stated in the agreement. 
The VR Bangs has gained so much attention from Korea regarding its business potentials. This however led to why the Ministry of Science, I think and future Planning has invested a huge sum in the VR platform for three years to ensure the continuation of the project “VR New Industry Flagship”. The Korea Creative Content Agency revealed that, the number of PC Bangs in Korea as at 2001 has reduced by half as at 2014.


In order to make the replacement of PC Bangs with VR Bangs possible, businesses are, however, advised to solve the issues of VR dizziness.

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