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Latest Issues with Oculus’ Terms of Service

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There were two little pieces of news that came out with the Oculus Rift today. There was an announcement that the company knows that there is a problem with the amount of equipment that is out there and it is because of delays of shipments. Oculus is going to provide free shipping to ensure that all of the preorders are free, that will be for all orders and also international ones.


There was a tweet that went out that explained that there would be free shipping between January and April. In addition to that, there is also concern that things would not be able to ship at the right time. The tweet is very reassuring because there is clarification on the topic.

Also there are many people who are struggling in the process of fulfilling all of the orders. Many of the users on Twitter claim that they also have not gotten confirmation emails when they have placed an order.

The shipping rate that is out there now says that there will be a delivery in July 2016, but there is no firm clarification. With all of the leads that are out there, many ideas suggest that the long term potential with both software and hardware will have issues but also many fortunate things.


The Terms of Use Raise Eyebrows Among Users

When it comes to Oculus, some of the users are very concerned and it is not without reason. As they have been reading through the agreements, they see that there is a similar use of Facebook and that is of great concern to those who know that there is a problem with the use of the content as well as the issues that are there as well with the usurpation of content.

The terms of use as well with Oculus also state that they collect your personal information such as you operating system, you IP address and your location. These movements and dimensions are very troublesome for all who use VR and should be.


Oculus also states that it has the permission to buy information about you and to collect it as well form other vendors. There are many other ways as well that the information can be collected and then can be used to remarket to you. This data collection is in tandem with the uses as well that are a part of the partnership of Facebook and Oculus.

Oculus believes that when you share any information with Facebook that you are also allowing all of that information to be shared with others. This includes all of the payment information, the information about the vendors and all applications. What that means is that it is important for all of the users to understand the terms of the deal.


The other thing that is very important for you to know is that your information can be shared at any time and it can share it with anyone that it wishes. What that means is that it can provide all of the information to Oculus and others as well as share it with anyone that it pleases. The information is sensitive but also ensures that there will be new opportunities to market, collect data and to allow for there to be continual use of the data at any given time. It is important that you think about the fact that you are paying $600.00 to give away much of your autonomy.

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