Launching of PlayStation Neo to Happen in September

PlayStation Neo Could Be Launched Before PlayStation VR

Launching of PlayStation Neo

Over the years, talks about PlayStation Neo have run wild across several media as information from numerous sources stated that the device would be out in the year 2016. In any case, new information has it that the launching of PlayStation Neo will happen well before Sony’s PlayStation VR.

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PlayStation Neo

Launching of PlayStation Neo to Happen Earlier Than Sony VR

Information gathered from more than a few separate sources by IGN point towards the PlayStation Neo being launched at some point within the opening fiscal quarter. Complimentarily, it indicates that the PS Neo would be available in stores month ahead of PlayStation VR’s launch.

Sony’s PS VR is slated to be released sometime in October, and it is anticipated to ship a significant amount of product. It will be followed by about 50 game titles within the first three months of its release.

Hypothetically, PS Neo will pave the way for a potent output from the PlayStation 4, making real sure that the games will at all times function at 60fps and 1080p. Word on the street has it that there will a mode called Neo Mode, which will enable developer to have a higher quality on PlayStation 4k Neo; however, all titles will be designed to be compatible with the standard PS4.



PlayStation Neo’s allegedly higher CPU clock speed and its graphic processing unit, which is the next level in the AMD trademark series, are the factors greatly contributing to the Neo Mode being possible. This improvement is going to be using the exact design of the original PS4 model, and as regards usability and compatibility, nothing will change. This will not only be convenient and simple for developers but it will also maintain the compatibility of the previous PS4 games with the forthcoming PS Neo.

Unconfirmed reports similarly propose that the most recent PS game console is going to be designed in order to help influence the PS VR. The PS VR headset needs a significant amount of processing power, and the current PlayStation is slowly driving the PS VR to its max. Apparently, PlayStation Neo would allow the PS VR headset a tad more respite in the way it operates VR app.

Launching of PlayStation Neo

Another rumor has it that the launching of PlayStation Neo will pave way for 4k resolutions; however, more specialized wizard has debunked the rumor as a result of the ludicrous cost needed for a home console to whip up the kind of power needed to run games at 4k.

Despite the small increase in its APU capability, the PS4 Neo would scarcely be able to run titles at a mere 2k, having the 4k standard way out of range.

A huge section of the gaming community is quite unenthusiastic about the launching of PlayStation Neo and Sony’s strategy concerning the price of the device. Everyone’s agreement is that the real information will be had when E3 comes out in June.

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