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Learn About the Holo Lens

microsoft hololens

This is a headset produced by Microsoft earlier this year. It’s not very user friendly because it contains a limited control range, which makes it difficult to view larger objects. They produced medical research and a NASA member indicating they are working closely to use this application. Hololens is a more sophisticated tool like a personal computer and the tablets.

The 3 main manufacturers of the VR, Oculus, Sony and Valve have introduced a new approach. Virtual reality has a lot of control options which are better than Hololens with Oculus introducing their own VR movie studio. Microsoft is focusing mainly on the manufacturers, while VR is looking for more consumers. The VR headset performs 2 main things; changing a wearer’s vision and also preventing them from viewing something else but still they are still blurry to produce clear images unlike the Hololens.

tek think

Using a hologram, one can acquire the ability to pass down the mouse on an existing 2D display.Though not a perfect idea, it’s good because of the switching in between the inputs without being left in total darkness. And also one can strap a Hololens more quickly than an Oculus rift making the Hololens the most preferred choice.

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