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Leaving the Borders of the Smartphone Screen and Jumping Into the World of Minecraft

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Oculus virtual reality and Facebook’s virtual reality company has launched the virtual reality edition of the popular game Minecraft. The Gear VR edition is available on the Oculus Store for $7. The massively popular block building game made its debut in 2009 for the PC and it has not looked back ever since. It has gone on to dominate the gaming world and endear itself to the hearts of gamers worldwide with fans of the game purchasing millions of copies across the desktop, mobile and console platform. The new virtual reality edition comes fully functional with the gear VR which is Samsung’s headset solution compatible with the newer Galaxy phones as its display. Minecraft is the kind of game that will boost VR sales to the $40 billion mark by 2020 that is predicted by the guys at Super Data Research.


Minecraft VR Edition and The Guys Behind It

This edition of the game is truly impressive and while the gameplay and mechanics remain familiar, it kind of makes you feel claustrophobic with the underground caves and makes you in awe of the scale of the world in a way you have never felt before with the PC version.


Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and the developer Mojang but Oculus took the lead role with the development for the Gear VR edition. John Carmack, known for his coding for Doom and Quake is now chief technology officer at Oculus and he handled much of the development himself.

“Minecraft is a game that you can both figuratively and literally lose yourself in,” Carmack said in a statement. “In fact, my strongest memories of being inside VR are from the time I’ve spent exploring Minecraft on Gear VR. Experiencing it in virtual reality changes it from an abstract activity to a visceral one — it goes from a sense of playing the game to one of being inside your world, and spinning around to find a creeper sneaking up on you leaves a powerful impression. Infinite worlds have been explored, shaped, and shared by millions of people, and now in VR; that sounds a bit like the fabled Metaverse.”

Minecraft VR 2

Carmack has long before now pushed for the game to get on his VR platform and he is not just hyping up the latest release but he has invested a lot into making it happen. “I was willing to do just about anything,” he said at the time. “On the phone, I said that if this doesn’t happen, I’m going to cry. This will just be so terrible. This will be the best thing that we can do for the platform. But there are some problems that compilers can’t solve.”

Finally, Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella had to have a sit down to discuss all that would ensure the Minecraft deal came to fruition. When a legendary designer like Carmack is involved with the project, you have to expect the best.

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